Our Story

A husband & wife team, we are former restauranteurs, having owned and operated a full service restaurant in our beloved Harlem neighborhood.  During the pandemic, we primarily worked with local and international organizations to provide over 100,000 donated meals to food-insecure New Yorkers.  After making the tough decision to close the restaurant, guests emailed and messaged us because they missed our Harissa Hot Honey!  Given the ongoing craving for sweet heat, we started a sauce company to share our restaurant-quality Harissa Hot Honey with friends near and far.     

Produced in small batches, with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, we infuse honey with harissa, which is a Tunisian spicy pepper paste commonly used in North African cuisine. The honey's sweetness tempers the heat, while the herbs and spices add a unique blend of floral notes, thereby making the sauce seductively spicy.

We understand that food is personal.  It is intimate.  And for us, so is business.  We met as neighbors, then dated, shared our Dominican & Tunisian cuisines with each other, got married, had twins, and developed restaurant quality harissa infused honey, which our friends jokingly refer to as THE LOVE SAUCE. 

Drizzle on popcorn

The ultimate weekday snack pairs well with a medium-bodied Cabernet Savignon or a French Chardonnay.

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